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Binding, Hidem, Wire-On

  • Double Fold 3/4" Binding Stayfast
Black Stayfast Binding 3/4" Double Fold Binding
Various Colors Available

    Double Fold Binding 3/4" Cloth

    Stayfast Cloth Double Fold Binding by the YARD 3/4" wide sold by the YARD Used for Convertible Top Binding, Cloth Carpet Binding, Exterior Fabric Binding, etc. **Discontinued Colors are limited to what is in stock** Please call to verify Inventory on...

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  • Black Crush Hidem Welt Stayfast Color Samples 2021

    Hidem Welt

    Stayfast Cloth Hidem Welt by the YARD Matches Haartz Convertible Top Materials Stayfast, Cambria, KV Pinpoint, Crush Grain Used for Convertible Tops, Carriage Tops, Automotive Antique Seats and more **Discontinued Colors are limited to what is...

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